why the orbeez gun is not shooting

Why the orbeez gun is not shooting?

Orbeez gun is a toy gun that shoots small, soft, and squishy bullets called orbeez. Orbeez guns are getting hype and becoming very popular among kids and adults. Orbeez gun is a safe toy and doesn’t cause any potential injuries. It has different types; some are spring-operated, and some are electric using batteries.

Orbeez gun works smoothly, but sometimes it stops shooting and does not allow you to compete in combat. The same happened to my kid when his gun stopped shooting a few days back. I searched YouTube for why the orbeez gun is not shooting and collected valuable information that helped me fix my kid’s gun.

7 Reasons Why the Orbeez Gun is Not Shooting

Orbeez gun is a wonderful recreational toy for kids and adults, but it is quite frustrating when your orbeez gun suddenly stops firing. Here are 7 reasons why your orbeez gun is not shooting properly.

Clogged Barrel

Your orbeez gun will not fire properly when its barrel is clogged and not clean. The dust and small debris can jam your gun. A clogged barrel will reduce the accuracy, distance, orbeez travel and prevent it from shooting. 

To maintain the proper function of your orbeez gun, be sure to clean it properly. The barrel of the orbeez gun can be cleaned easily by unscrewing it. Use a soft cloth and wipe away all the dust and debris from the barrel. Use a cleaning solution if needed.

Aging orbeez

Orbeez are water-absorbent polymers; they are not more durable and become dry quickly when placed in an inadequate environment. With time, they become brittle, and their debris blocks the orbeez gun barrel.

The orbeez have a limited lifespan and should be replaced with new ones when they show extreme aging. For the best performance of the orbeez gun, use fresh and high-quality water beads. Always store the orbeez in an airtight container with the required water.

Using wrong ammo

Orbeez guns are designed to fire the specific ammo called orbeez. Using the wrong ammo can cause the orbeez gun to stop firing. The wrong projectiles may cause misfires and reduce the accuracy of orbeez guns, which causes frustration in the play. 

Using incompatible ammo can become stuck in the barrel, causing the gun to jam. The wrong selection of orbeez can damage and reduce the lifespan of an orbeez gun. It is mandatory to use the best compatible orbeez for optimal performance of the orbeez gun.

Inadequate pressure

When your orbeez gun is not shooting properly, check that the pressure tank is properly pressurized according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. The pressure propels the orbeez out of the barrel. In case of less pressure, the gun will not fire properly.

Inadequate pressure causes inconsistent shooting; some orbeez will travel shorter distances, and some will not shoot. For best performance, check and clean the seals to avoid air leaks, which causes to lower the pressure inside the pressure tank.

Damaged or Dead Battery

Some models of orbeez guns are electrically powered; they use batteries to operate. A dead or low battery is causing the orbeez gun to stop working and reduce the firing power. Low battery affects orbeez gun accuracy and results in inconsistent fire.

Low battery leads to jamming the orbeez gun because it affects the cycling of the internal part of the orbeez gun. Whenever your orbeez gun is not working, check the battery and make sure that the battery is fully charged and not damaged. If your gun battery cannot hold the charge, it should be replaced with a new one.

Check Wiring and Motor

If you use an electric-powered orbeez gun, always inspect the wiring and motor and ensure they are working fine. Motor responsible for driving the internal parts of orbeez gun and wiring connect motor with power source.

In such a situation, check the wiring and ensure it is in good condition and connected properly to the battery. If there was no issue with the wiring, then the motor of the Orbeez gun may have the issue. Check it and repair it by following the manufacturer’s instructions. In some cases, it needs to be replaced.

Over Loaded Magazine

Overfilling the magazine can cause jamming of the orbeez gun and slow the shooting mechanism. Always load your orbeez gun magazine with the appropriate amount of orbeez. Overloading a magazine can damage it.

An overfilled magazine struggles to feed the orbeez gun; hence, it reduces the firing efficiency of the orbeez gun. For best performance, clear the magazine, remove orbeez that are stuck and regularly inspect the magazine.

Tips to Boost Your Orbeez Gun Performance

Use high-quality orbeez: for better performance, always use high-quality orbeez. Cheap quality orbeez will not allow you to enjoy your playtime.

Hydrate orbeez properly: orbeez are water absorbent and grow in size when soaked in water for 4- 6 hours. When using the orbeez, make sure that they are well hydrated.

Regular maintenance: Keep your orbeez gun well-maintained, Clean it regularly and inspect its different parts to ensure they work properly.

Keep orbeez clean: store the orbeez in an airtight and clean container to prevent them from drying out. Exposure to dust and direct sunlight can affect the orbeez badly.

Use a longer barrel: A longer barrel helps to increase the velocity and range of the orbeez gun. A longer barrel allows the air to take longer, accelerating the orbeez.

Use fresh battery: if you are using a battery-powered orbeez gun, ensure you use a fresh battery. Fresh batteries will maintain consistent firing and allow you to enjoy the battle.

Consistent pressure: for pneumatic models of orbeez guns, pressure is required to propel the orbeez. For better performance, make sure you’re maintaining consistent pressure.

Don’t use the wrong ammo: each model of orbeez gun requires  a specific orbeez size and type. Always use recommended ammo for optimal performance.


Generally, it takes 2 hours to charge your orbeez gun battery. However, some models of orbeez guns take less time to charge fully. High-quality batteries charge quickly and last for longer hours.

It is commonly noticed that when the magazine of an orbeez gun is not loaded properly, it will shoot upside down. To avoid this problem, fill out the magazine properly.

If your orbeez gun stops shooting and doesn’t perform as expected, inspect every part of the orbeez gun properly. Check its battery, clean the barrel, use proper orbeez, load the magazine properly, and check for pressure and motor.

Final Words

The most common reasons “why the orbeez gun is not shooting” are clogged barrel, using old orbeez, inadequate pressure, low battery, damaged motor, overfilled magazine, and using wrong ammo. For better performance, use high-quality orbeez, charged batteries. Long barrel, maintain proper pressure, keep the orbeez gun clean, and regularly inspect each part of your gun.

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