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What is an Orbeez Gun? A Vibrant Gel Blaster Adventure

Children love to play with different toys. With the passage of time, toys and gadgets have changed. The toys designed with modern technology allow children to improve their imaginative and creative abilities.

The orbeez gun is a toy that shoots tiny, squishy, soft, and colorful beads using the air pressure mechanism. These tiny and soft beads are super absorbent polymers that hold and absorb water. Beads are swelling, and their size increases several times to their original size. Gel Blasters are loaded with beads, and by pulling the trigger, the beads are released.

orbeez gun

The orbeez guns are a very popular toy among kids and young adults, primarily because of their enjoyable characteristics. gel blasters have a unique way of keeping kids entertained and having great fun. You can play with it in the backyard, pool, beach, and even in an indoor play area, regardless of weather conditions.

How Does an Orbeez Gun Work?

The orbeez gun is easy to use for kids of different ages. It is safe and poses no risk for kids and adults, but it shouldn’t be aimed at the face or eyes of an opponent while playing with it.

Loading the chamber located on the front end of the gun with orbeez has a specific capacity and helps you to know how many shots you can take before you need to reload.

Once you load the chamber, the pumping mechanism generates air pressure inside the chamber; when the trigger is pulled, the compressed air is released in a burst, which forces the orbeez beads out of the gun.

Before using the gel blaster read the instruction manual for safety purposes. Children should be supervised and guided to not aim at the faces and head, especially into the eye.

Main Components of Orbeez Gun


The part of the water bead gun where orbeez beads are loaded before being shot. The chamber is located at the front end of the gun. Every type of gun has a different chamber, meaning it has a different capacity of orbeez to load.


When the trigger is pulled, the orbeez beads are shot out of the gun through the opening part of the gun called the Nozzle. It can impact the speed and aim of the orbeez based on its design.


By pulling it, the air compressed by the pump inside the chamber initiates to release, which causes the orbeez to be shot out of the gun. Triggers facilitate manual control to the user.


Some Gel Blasters need enough air pressure inside their chamber that helps to shoot out beads of the gun when the trigger is pulled. This air pressure is created by a pump mechanism.


During operating the gun, you need to hold it firm and stable to aim well. The handle is a part where you hold the gun while operating. The handle provides a comfortable grip and stability during shooting.

Safety lock

An orbeez gun is a toy that needs safety, so a safety lock is used to prevent accidental firing. When the safety lock is engaged, you will not be able to pull the trigger to do so; you must disengage the safety lock.

Air vent 

While loading and shooting the gun, the pump produces air pressure inside the chamber to propel the orbeez; sometimes, the pressure becomes very high and can affect the gun’s performance. The air vent helps to reduce the pressure and keep the gun’s performance regular.


Some orbeez guns have rechargeable batteries that allow you to entertain and enjoy for long hours. Batteries are needed for LED light to illuminate and produce nice sounds when a gun is fired. Some have detachable batteries, while some are charged with USB cables.

Benefits of Playing with Orbeez Gun

Most of the toys are just for kids to pass the time and to play with to entertain, but the water bead gun is different; it not only entertains the kids and adults but also facilitates them with imaginative and creative power.

Entertainment and imaginative value

 The orbeez gun fascinates and delights kids and adults in a unique way. The small, colorful, soft, and squishy orbeez motion in the air adds an immense amount of joy and excitement to playtime. While playing with it, kids and adults imagine different scenarios and stories, creating their adventures, and aiming the targets increases their thinking power.

Can play outdoors and indoors

 The availability of different designs and models of this toy allows you to play in indoor and outdoor settings. You can play indoors regardless of weather conditions and enjoy playing in the backyard, beach, and pools. 

Stress reliever

The beads used in the orbeez gun are stress relievers. Watching the beads fly through the air and performing several physical actions like pulling the trigger, aiming the targets, resetting targets, dodging, running, and crouching have a positive impact on mental health and reduce stress.

Group play and bonding moments

Playing with Gel Blasters is favorable to group play. Playing with different relatives, friends, family members, and neighbors improves social interaction. Participating in shooting challenges, target games, and more moments of the game, enabling them to nurture bonds and share life experiences.

Hand-eye coordination and safe play

Using the Gel blaster gun requires different skills like focusing and aiming at the target, which makes kids able to develop hand-eye coordination and encourages them to play with fun and entertainment in a better way. The Gun has a safety lock that allows users to keep it engaged to avoid unwanted firing, ensuring safe and sound use of the Gun.

Safety Precaution for Using Orbeez Gun

Orbeen guns are good and usually safe toys to play with. However, it is essential to take some safety precautions for risk-free play for kids and adults.

Eye protection

Mostly, the protective safety goggles are given with each gun you buy. Always wear it to protect your eyes from potential injury. 

Adult supervision

Most importantly, children under ten must be supervised by adults. If they are not supervised, they may hit each other in sensitive parts of the body, like eyes, at close range, or they may swallow the orbeez. Moreover, it is a safe toy for kids who have a sense of using it properly.

Read the instruction manual

Always read the instruction manual, which is provided with every gun you buy. Every precaution which is essential for using a gun will be provided in this manual. It will give you a complete guide on how it works and what precautions should be followed when you are playing with guns.

Use the gun outdoors

To minimize the risk of hurting and play in a risk-free environment, using the gun outside is the best practice. Using it indoors may damage furniture and other easily breakable households.

Avoid swallowing orbeez

Beads and orbeez are definitely not toxic, but it is cautioned that they shouldn’t be ingested. Kids must be supervised and instructed not to swallow the beads.

Keep a safe distance and Aim safely

An water bead gun has the potential to cause discomfort when fired from a closer distance. Safe distance must be kept to prevent injuries. Also, it shouldn’t be aimed at sensitive body parts like the face, especially the eyes.  


The orbeez are made of absorbent material, which is safe and not toxic. The bullets are purely safe and don’t pose any health risk; if it is accidentally swallowed by an adult, they shall pass through the digestive tract. It should be kept away from small kids. If they swallow, it may cause a choking hazard.

In some states of the United States, like California and New York, you can’t use an orbeez gun in public. However, it depends upon where you live. Most States consider it as a harmless toy and a safe thing to play with, while some prohibit its use.

It  fires tiny, colourful, soft, and squishy bullets made of a polymer material. So it is soft and can’t hurt you. If you are shot from a very close distance, it may cause slight discomfort and may cause you to feel a mild sting-like sensation.

The price of Gel Blasters depends on their model and design. The most selling model price is $59 with protective safety goggles for eye protection and also a pack of 4000 to 5000 orbeez or water beads.

Final Words

 The orbeez gun is a popular toy that fires tiny, colorful, squishy, and soft water beads or Orbeez. It is a source of great fun and entertainment for kids and young adults. gel blaster is a safe toy for children and adults and doesn’t cause any potential injury when proper safety precautions are followed. In some states of the United States, it is prohibited and not allowed to be used in public places. But most of the states allow it and named it a safe plaything.

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