what are orbeez made of

What are Orbeez Made of? The Ultimate Guide

Orbeez, often called water beads or Gel balls, are tiny spherical polymer beads. They absorb water, grow multiple times in size, and become translucent spheres. They were invented for agricultural purposes, but nowadays, they are used as recreational and enjoyable toys.People are also using it as decorative accents.

Orbeez are made of a non-toxic material called sodium polyacrylate. Orbeez are famous toys among children using them in orbeez guns and other activities. Parents are concerned about their children’s safety and health when they are playing with orbeez, and they want to know about orbeez composition. Hence, the question arises, “what are orbeez made of?”

The Ingredients Contained in Orbeez

To know and understand what orbeez are made of, we have to study and explain their key ingredients.

Super Absorbent Polymer

The main component of orbeez is a super absorbent polymer, which commonly contains sodium polyacrylate. It is a safe and non-toxic substance, posing no health risk if even ingested. The super-absorbent polymer can absorb a significant amount of water. When polymers absorb water, their size increases and grows many times to their original size. Due to more absorbency, sodium polyacrylate is also used in products like diapers and more.


Orbeez looks beautiful; they are famous for their eye-catching and vibrant colors. These appealing colors are achieved due to the use of food-grade colors. These colorants are non-toxic and safe for use in decorative and toys. These colorants are mixed with super absorbent polymer during the manufacturing process while it is in dry and granular form. 


Water works as an important activator. Orbeez remained tiny and hard before they soaked in water. When they are placed in water, the polymer starts absorbing water, resulting in the growth of orbeez. Water makes these hard polymer beads soft, squishy, and translucent spheres.

Some Common Uses of Orbeez

Along with question what are orbeez made of people also ask for use of orbeez. Orbeez have more usage in agriculture and floral arrangements, but here we will discuss some common and creative uses of orbeez.

Sensory Play

When orbeez are soaked in water, they become soft, squishy, and gel-like. Their smoothness allows children to run their fingers in orbeez, compress them, and make different designs with them. They help children to develop their motor skills and provide a soothing sensory experience.

Decorative Use

Orbeez are famous for their vibrant colors and stunning visual effects when light falls on them. They are used for floral arrangements and decorative displays. The colorants used in orbeez make them more eye-catching and increase the beauty of hydrated orbeez. The translucent quality of orbeez makes them more engaging and excellent decorative accents.

what are orbeez made of

Stress Relief

The soothing and tactile sensation reduces stress. They are used as a stress-relief tool and agitate anxiety. You can use the hydrated orbeez as a stress ball by enclosing them in stretchy material like a balloon. By squeezing the dress ball, the orbeez inside facilitates a soothing and satisfying experience.

Educational Tool

The hydrated orbeez can be used as a learning tool. They help children to learn about the science of colors, water absorption process, polymers science, and even basic maths and counting for young children. They can engage children in hands-on learning experiences. The soft and smooth nature of orbeez helps children to learn about different designs.

Water Beads for Plants

Hydrated orbeez are used for plants as a constant moisture source. The orbeez were invented with the purpose of being used them in gardening and agriculture. Always use high-quality and non-toxic orbeez, which are safe for plants and designed for gardening and horticulture. Good quality orbeez help the water retention in soil.

Usage as a Toy

The orbeez are very famous toys among children and adults. Their usage as a recreational and enjoyable product is very high. Children and adults are using them for different toy guns like Orbeez guns and other Gel Blaster guns. They can be enjoyed in different ways, like orbeez-filled toys, water balloons, and DIY projects.

Can Orbeez be Reused? Guide to Rehydration

You can reuse the orbeez if you keep them with proper care and in a suitable environment. With time, orbeez lose their shape and texture; it is recommended to change your orbeez after a few months for better play. Here are some steps for rehydrating the orbeez.

Collect and Rinse Thoroughly

Collect the orbeez that are used, and clean them from dust and debris. Rin the previously used orbeez with clean, cold Water. Make sure that every dirt and contaminant is removed.

Place Them in Water

Place the rinsed orbeez in a suitable container in clean Water. Keep a proper water-to-orbeez ratio; for one cup of orbeez, add one and a half cups of Water. You can also add soap for cleaning if needed.

Give Time to Rehydrate

Soaked in the orbeez for many hours in Water to rehydrate. When they absorb Water, they will grow again and will become soft enough to be reused. After expansion, rinse the orbeez carefully to remove soap impurities.


 Orbeez takes more time to degrade, so proper disposal is essential. They should not be flushed down drains, as they can contribute to plumbing blockages. Used Orbeez should be disposed of responsibly.

While rare, some individuals may be sensitive or allergic to certain polymers, including sodium polyacrylate. Direct and prolonged contact with hydrated Orbeez may cause skin irritation in some individuals. Washing the affected area with Water is recommended.

Orbeez is primarily made of a superabsorbent polymer, commonly sodium polyacrylate, along with food-grade colorants for their vibrant colors. Water is the activator that causes them to expand and become soft and squishy.

Yes, Orbeez can be reused with proper care. To reuse them, rinse the used Orbeez thoroughly, soak them in clean Water until they rehydrate, and then rinse again to remove impurities.

Orbeez are generally safe for children when used as intended and with proper supervision. However, young children should be supervised to prevent ingestion, as Orbeez can pose a choking hazard if swallowed.

Final Words

Orbeez are made of sodium polyacrylate, which is non-toxic and safe. This polymer has the remarkable ability to absorb water and expand multiple times in size. By soaking the orbeez in water, they become soft, squishy, and translucent. Orbeez can be used in agriculture and as toys as well. 

Their reusability adds value to these water beads, provided they are properly cared for. While generally safe, cautious supervision is advisable, especially with young children. Responsible disposal is essential to reduce environmental impact.

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