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Types of Orbeez Guns: The Ultimate Guide

Orbeez guns, also called water bead guns or gel blasters, are very popular with kids and adults alike. The reason behind their popularity is due to their fascinating and unique shooting experience. Most orbeez guns are made of plastic, but gel blasters are made of metal and nylon.
Orbeez guns shoot small, squishy and soft water beads called orbeez or gel balls, made of water-absorbent material known as polymer. These small orbeez grow in size when soaked in water. The types of orbeez guns depend on the energy source, shooting mode and user age and preference.

Types of Orbeez Guns Based on the Energy source

Orbeez guns are designed in multiple structures; they are operated with gas power, spring power and electric power.

Electric power orbeez gun

Electric power guns use batteries; generally, AA or AAA batteries are used to operate automatic firing capabilities. These types of guns can rapidly and continuously fire by pressing the trigger or button. Battery-operated orbeez guns are modern type and relatively new to the market, providing different shoot modes like single-shot, semi-automatic and fully automatic.

They have more orbeez/bullet capacity as compared to manual guns and have additional LED light and sound effects features. New orbeez bead designs have rechargeable batteries, which makes them more valuable. Battery-powered gel blasters are more expensive than spring-operated ones. Some models need frequent battery replacement.

Spring-powered orbeez gun

This type of orbeez gun works on spring-loaded mechanisms. When the plunger is pulled back to compress the spring for storing energy. The orbeez/ water beads are loaded into a chamber called a magazine. When the trigger is pulled, the energy stored in the spring releases and pushes the orbeez out of the barrel. They have low FPS( feet per second), making them safe if fired from a closer distance.

Spring-operated guns require less maintenance than Electric and Gas powered guns. They are more budget-friendly as compared to battery-powered and gas-powered guns. They are designed simply by having a few moving parts, which makes them a better choice for beginners to play with. Due to their simple design, they are more durable and have a long lifespan if properly maintained. They do not require any external source for operation, like a gas canister or battery.

Gas-powered orbeez gun

Gas-powered orbeez guns use compressed Co2 or green gas sources to propel and fire pellets/gel balls. The compressed gas will be released when the trigger is pulled, and it will open the valve that allows the compressed gas to escape and propel the gel balls, launching them out of the gun’s barrel. They fire gel balls with high FPS( feet per second) and accuracy. That’s why they are famous for competitive games.

Gas-powered orbeez guns, you can load them with different types of projectiles, including water beads, foam balls and other soft ammunition. They provide different firing modes, like semi-automatic and fully automatic. They need regular cleaning, lubrication and replacement of parts, which makes them more expensive than electric-powered and spring-powered guns.

Types of Orbeez Guns Based on design

Orbeez guns are designed in different styles, and they are categorized on their construction.

Orbeez shotgun

Shotgun orbeez are designed to replicate real firearms; they can fire multiple pellets at once. They have less shooting velocity, which makes them suitable for close-range games and group games.

Pistol orbeez gun

Pistol orbeez guns are cheap and cost less than other toy shooting guns. They are easy to handle because of their size and design. Due to their shorter shooting range and velocity, they are recommended for indoor playing.

Sniper rifle-style

 Sniper rifle-style Orbeez guns are designed for precision shooting at longer distances. They often have scopes and bipods for stability and accuracy. They have long barrels that make them look similar to real firearms.

Rifle orbeez gun

The rifle orbeez gun is designed similarly to the real gun but shoots soft gel balls. This gun has more accuracy and often comes with a scope for precise shooting and accurate aim. Rifle orbeez gun has a long barrel and fires a single shot with bolt action. It is a good choice for longer-distance shooting.

Submachine gun (SMG)

This type of orbeez gun is designed to look like a real submachine. Submachine orbeez guns come with automatic mode. It is famous for rapid fire and is commonly used for rapid-fire play games.

Types  Orbeez Guns Based on shooting mode

Orbeez guns come with different models and different shooting modes. Every type of gel blaster provides recreational and enjoyable movements.

Manual orbeez guns

These types of orbeez guns need no battery or gas to operate; they are mostly spring-operated guns and prime the guns by hand before every single shot. They are designed simply and easy to carry, which makes them a good choice for beginners.

Automatic orbeez guns

Automatic gel blasters don’t require manually loading and shooting the orbeez beads. They can fire orbeez beads continuously with a single trigger pull. They are operated by batteries and are known for rapid and fast fire.

Switchable mode orbeez guns

Switchable gel blasters allow the user to switch between automatic and manual modes. They provide users with the flexibility to set their preferred firing mode. They are suitable for beginners and experienced players as well.

Types of Orbeez Guns Based on the user’s age

You can choose a toy gun that suits your kid’s age and playing style. If you are an adult, you can buy your preferred orbeez gun.

 Gel blasters for kids

Orbeez guns have versatility in designs; some are designed for kids aged 8 or above. They have low FPS(feet per second) and are more safe for playing. They are lightweight and easy to operate. They come with appealing colors that attract children and provide a more recreational experience. The mostly electric operate gel blasters.

Gel blasters for adults

These types of orbeez guns prioritize realism, accuracy, and performance. They have more advanced features and have more FPS(feet per second). Most of them are larger and heavier and resemble more real firearms. Due to their more FPS, they must be used properly and responsibly to ensure safety.


Orbeez guns, also called gel blasters or water bead guns, are toy guns that fire small, squishy, and soft pellets made of water-absorbing polymer. These small pellets are called orbeez, gel balls and water beads. Orbeez guns are used for fun and recreational purposes.

Different energy sources are requires for different types of orbeez guns. Mainly, there are three sources: spring -spring-powered, gas-powered ( compress Co2) and battery-operated. Each type of gun has its limitations and advantages.

Spring-powered Orbeez guns are often recommended for beginners due to their simple operation, durability, and lower cost. They are also safe for learning the basics of shooting. They have low FPS, which makes them safe for beginners.

Final words

There are different types of orbeez guns. Orbeez guns provide versatility in their design and construction. They allow kids and adults to enjoy and have fun playing with them. They are differentiated by their design, energy source, shooting modes and user age. All types of guns fire soft gel balls and pose no potential risk to health. They are powered by springs, batteries and gas. Some of them have automatic fire features, some are manual, and some come with switchable shooting modes. Guns with low FPS are recommended for beginners and children to avoid any injury and ensure safety.

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