Risks associated with orbeez guns

     Risks associated with the Orbeez Guns

Orbeez guns, known as water cannons, are fun toys that shoot water absorbent bullets called orbeez. Although these water beads are very soft and don’t hurt someone if fired from a suitable  distance.

Orbeez guns are very enjoyable toys and it is a lot of fun to play with them in your backyard or other appropriate areas. But it is important that every toy gun should be used responsibly, parents and adults should know about risks associated with the orbeez guns to avoid any potential injury.

Potential Risks Related To Orbeez Guns

Every toy may cause injury if not used in the proper manner. Orbeez guns also cause some injuries in case of irresponsible use.

Eye injury

 Proper eye protection must be worn before using this weapon. According to doctors, any inflatable toy can cause damage. The gel blasters were nothing more than blasting a maximum of the orbeez into small pieces while fired. Any excessive-velocity blow to touchy components can cause damage, specifically to the eyes. Each producer warns of this inside the preparation sheet and provides a pair of glasses and add-ons.

Choking Hazard

Orbeez guns come with small pea size bullets called orbeez. They are very colorful, look like jellybeans which attract kids’ attention and they attempt to eat them. When these small orbeez are swallowed they can cause choking hazard, because they absorb water and grow in size. 

Risks associated with the Orbeez Guns

Molding and Irritation:

The polyacrylate and water in orbeez can cause skin irritation. If the orbeez gun fired from close distance it may cause swelling and itching. Take a shower if you are allergic to orbeez to get rid of skin irritation.


Some of those weapons are very loud and can cause discomfort to you or other family members . Therefore, you need to use air plugs or silencers when using weapons. Orbeez gun is designed for outdoor play, so it’s better to play outside.

Battery overheating

 Austin, Texas, October 2022. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled nearly 60,000 toy guns, including the surge gel buster because the batteries can overheat and seize fire. A high level of hearth hazard is related.

Allergic reactions

 Some people may have allergies or sensitivities to the ingredients used in Orbeez. Direct contact with Orbeez or exposure to the gel substance may cause skin irritation, rash, or other allergic reactions. It is important to avoid contact with Orbeez if you or your child has a known allergy.

Digestion problems

 If Orbeez is accidentally ingested, it may expand when exposed to liquid and cause indigestion. This can be a serious medical problem, especially for children. It is important to keep Orbeez out of the mouth and not to swallow.

Cleaning up the mess

Orbeez can be difficult to clean up after a spill. They are small and can easily burrow into a hole or hide in a carpet. Cleaning Orbeez requires careful handling and disposal to prevent it from being stepped on or dropped.

Electrocution Hazard

Some models of orbeez guns are electric powered; they need batteries to operate. They can cause electric shock, especially models which are using water and batteries simultaneously. So it is important to maintain your orbeez gun to avoid such hazards.  

This can be mistaken for a real weapon

Some vibrantly colored orbeez blasters, a few have remarkable photograph layouts, some AK forty-seven, Glock pistols, and a few different models closely resemble actual weapons. The police can also have expressed some subject if this sensible gel-explosive toy gun is used publicly.

According to the Henderson County Sheriff, humans bring these toy explosives to high school campuses and public locations. People are advised no longer to hold these orb weapons in public or anywhere that could motivate public panic or fear.

How do we keep away from hazards?

  •  Every orbeez gun user should read the manufacturer instructions to know about risks associated with orbeez guns.
  • Wear proper safety goggles to protect your eyes.
  • Using an adequate face mask will reduce the risks of face injuries.
  •   Gel blasters can suit older kids but keep small kids away from those guns. Also, educate older youngsters no longer to position it on their nostrils, ears, or mouth.
  •   Educate your kids to play responsibly with orbeez guns. Kids must be supervised closely to avoid potential injuries.
  •  Always lock the water beads out of the reach of small children. If you’re left with absorbed gel, throwing the orbeez drugs in the trash is far better.
  • Keep your kids far from small gadgets together with gels that pose a choking risk.
  •  Never aim o humans or animals, mainly their faces and eyes, because this may cause injury.
  •   Stop the use of the weapon while it is heated. Soak the balls properly for 8 hours to maintain your gun efficiency.
  •  Some guns produce loud sound, so use air plug or silencer to avoid any kind of disturbance.
  • Get immediate clinical interest in case of injury or twist of fate.


Orbeez weapons may pose certain risks, especially to children if they are used irresponsibly. Proper use and supervising your children during play will minimize the risk of getting hurt.

Some people may have allergies or sensitivities to the ingredients used in Orbeez. If you or your child has certain allergies, it is important to avoid contact with Orbeez to prevent an allergic reaction.

To prevent eye injuries, wearing protective eyewear, such as safety goggles, when playing with Orbeez weapons is important. Avoid pointing a gun at someone’s face or eyes, and encourage responsible and safe play.

Orbeez weapons usually come with an age recommendation given by the manufacturer. Following these instructions and considering the child’s maturity and understanding is important before using the Orbeez gun.

Orbeez can be difficult to clean because they are small and break easily. It is recommended to collect it carefully with a broom or vacuum cleaner. Dispose of them properly, and refrain from flushing them down the drain as they may cause blockages.

Wrap Up

The risks associated with the orbeez guns can be more severe if used responsibly, especially eye injury but it can be avoided by using goggles. The risks can be avoided easily if you use the orbeez gun with proper manners. Supervise small kids and provide training for adults to use the orbeez guns in appropriate ways.

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