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Important Accessories of Orbeez Gun: Elevate your Fun

The orbeez guns are named with gel blasters, water bead guns and gel ball guns. They are very popular and have taken over the internet in recent months. They‘re fun for kids and adults, shooting soft water beads that detonate on impact.

To enjoy more and optimize your performance on the battlefield, a gel blaster enthusiast needs to have all the important accessories of orbeez gun or gel blaster. In this article, we have talked about all the essential accessories of gel blasters.

Essential Accessories of Gel Blasters: Enhance Your Performance

Here are crucial accessories of orbeez gun.


The magazine is the most crucial component of the gel blaster. It stores the gel balls (also called orbeez gun ammo) and feeds the gel blaster during firing on the battlefield. It helps the player continue the game and determines how many shots you can fire before reloading. Two types of gel blaster magazines are available: one is a vertical magazine, and the other is a drum magazine.

The vertical magazine is the most common type used in gel blasters. It is designed to be inserted vertically in an orbeez gun. Vertical magazines typically accommodate 100-150 gel balls, making them a better choice for short-time and casual gameplay. Vertical magazines can be reloaded and handled easily. The drum magazines are larger and designed to hold more gel balls. Their capacity to hold gel balls ranges from 200-350, making them a popular choice for serious gel blaster enthusiasts. The larger capacity of drum magazines prevents frequent reloading and helps players to continue their game.

accessories of orbeez gun

Barrel Stabilizer

Barrel stabilizer is also called barrel stabilizer kits or stabilizer units. It is used to minimize the vibration of gel blaster barrels; it helps to stabilize the physical structure of the gel blaster. It is made of rubber and plastic, which helps to enhance accuracy and reduce the movement of the barrel during firing. Barrel stabilizer is typically used in long-range shots or when shooting from rest.


The foregrip, or front grip, is a crucial accessory in gel blasters. The foregrip is commonly attached to the front of the gel blaster; the player can hold it with a non-firing hand for more control and stability. The foregrip helps to maintain stable aim, reduces fatigue during long sessions and provides quick target transitions when the player needs to change shooting positions. The foregrip is beneficial in challenging shooting scenarios, and helps to maintain better accuracy.

Gun Sling

The sling is an important accessory of orbeez gun or gel blaster attached to the gel blaster that helps to carry and transport your gel blaster. The sling allows the user to carry a gun over the shoulder or across the body. It provides hand-free gun carry, allowing users to perform other tasks and carry additional equipment. Gun sling prevents fatigue; prolonged carry causes discomfort and strain on the user’s arm. Gun sling provides quick access to firing when rapid response is required.

Scopes and sights

Scopes help the shooter to aim at distant targets. They are optical devices attached to orbeez guns to improve accuracy and provide magnification to see far targets.

Scopes help the shooter to aim at distant targets. They are optical devices attached to orbeez guns to improve accuracy and provide magnification to see far targets.

Gel blaster battery and charger

The battery is an essential accessory for electric gel blasters. The battery provides a power source for gel blasters. There are two types of batteries; 7.5v are the standard batteries and suitable for gel blasters providing decent performance. 11.1v are high-voltage batteries, making your gel blaster fire rapidly. Using 11.1v batteries may put more pressure and stress on the internal part of your gel blaster.

The charger is used for recharging the orbeez gun’s battery. The charger is designed to provide the required voltage and current to charge the battery safely.

Full Face Mask

A full face mask is recommended during gel blaster gameplay to prevent unwanted injuries. A full mask is used to cover the entire face, including the eyes, nose, ears and mouth, to protect them from potential injuries. Some orbeez guns have high fire velocity, causing sting, discomfort and pain; hence, a full face mask is used to prevent potential harm. Full face mask provides breathability, comfort and protection from debris during gel blaster combat.


Hop-ups, also known as Hop-ups units, are used as an internal component of gel blaster. They are providing backspin to gel balls and stabilising their path. Using the hop-ups makes it easy for players to hit the target accurately from longer ranges. Hop-ups also help the player to hit targets from long distances because orbeez travel more when a backspin is provided. Hop-ups greatly enhance the accuracy and cause the orbeez to follow a straighter and stable path.


Flashlights are useful accessories of orbeez gun. Flashlights are better to use during nighttime or dull-light conditions. Flashlights help players identify targets and to see their surroundings. Flashlights can be a pre-defined signal for your team players to adopt proper strategies. You can use flashlights as tactical advantages by shining the light directly into your opponent’s eyes. Flashlights provide safety during low-light conditions or during nighttime games to avoid injuries.


Chronograph is a device used for measuring the velocity of gel balls when fired from gel blasters. The gel blaster enthusiasts use chronographs to check the FPS of the gel blaster to achieve their desired firing velocity. Players use chronographs to check that their gel blaster fires with safe parameters to ensure safety and prevent injuries.

accessories of orbeez gun

Speed Loaders

Speed loaders are essential accessories for professional gel blaster enthusiasts and players. Speed loaders load the gel blaster magazine quickly and effectively during fast-paced gameplay. Reloading gel blaster magazines can cause fatigue when playing for long hours, so by using speed loaders, players will face less physical strain.

Maintenance and Cleaning Kits

Maintenance and cleaning kits are essential for keeping your gel blaster in safe and sound conditions. These kits commonly contain tools such as screwdrivers, lubricants, cleaning clothes, cleaning brushes, and needle nose pliers. Using these tools helps you ensure your gel blaster’s longevity and normal performance.

Shooting targets

Shooting targets are used for practizing and improving accuracy with gel blasters. Shooting targets come in various types: paper, self-healing, metal, electronic, spinner, auto-resetting, and 3D. Always use shooting targets in designated areas to ensure safety and prevent injuries.

Tips for shopping Gel Blasters Accessories

When shopping for gel blaster accessories, remember what types of accessories are best for your needs. Always choose the right product for the best performance. 

Know your gel blaster model

Some models of gel blasters may have different compatibility requirements for accessories. Before shopping for any gel blaster accessory, ensure it is compatible with your gun model. Only compatible accessories will optimize your gel blaster performance; otherwise, you will not benefit.


If you are a gel blaster enthusiast, then invest in quality accessories. Quality products will hold up well under regular and excessive use. Choosing low-budget and cheap products will only last for a short time and cost you more.

Ask for Recommendations

During purchasing accessories of orbeez gun you should ask for recommendations from experienced gel blaster players who have used the same model of guns as yours. They will suggest reliable and effective accessories that will benefit you more.

Consider your budget

“Penny saved is a penny earned. “Always look for good and profitable deals. Some of the gel blaster accessories are budget-friendly and perform well. Compare different retailers and buy what suits your budget.


orbeez gun’s accessories are generally designed for gel blasters and may not work for airsoft and paintball guns. It is better to use the specific accessories designed for your gun.

Some local laws and regulations may not allow gel blaster accessories like silencers or specific scopes. Always check your local laws and regulations to ensure you comply with any restrictions on accessory use.

To know the right charger and battery for your gel blaster, check the model you are using and read the manufacturer’s information. Using the wrong charger and battery can damage your gun.

Final Words

Using high-quality gel blaster accessories enhances the enjoyment and performance of players. Always have a check for the right and compatible accessories that suit your gel blaster model and your playing style. These accessories are vital in gel blaster combat, making it more effective and enjoyable.

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