how to store orbeez

How to  store orbeez?

Orbeez are small, squishy, soft, and colorful water beads made of water-absorbent polymer. Due to Their vibrant and appealing appearance, people use them for decoration purposes. They are used as orbeez bullets for orbeez guns or Gel Blasters. They are often used for plant care and horticultural purposes.

Most of your people wonder how to store orbeez so we can reuse them and prevent them from drying out. There are three proven methods for storing orbeez: keep them in Bottles,  Jars, and Balloons. Always store the orbeez in airtight condition for freshness to prevent them from drying out.

Step-by-Step Guide How to Store Orbeez

To prevent the orbeez from drying and keep them fresh for reuse, it is essential to place them in a suitable condition.

Keep the orbeez clean and dry

It is very crucial to keep your orbeez clean and free from any dust or debris. They should be rinsed with cold running water using a strainer. Orbeez shouldn’t be rinsed with chemicals like soap because it makes changes in water bead properties. If they have absorbed water during play, let them dry completely.

how to store orbeez

Use an airtight container

Always use the right Container for water bead storage that has a proper lid or cap. The Container should be clean and clear before adding the orbeez into it. The ultraviolet exposure fades the color of the orbeez, and the Container will protect from ultraviolet rays.

Add water and orbeez to the Container

After selecting the Container, gently place the orbeez and add water if needed. Be careful not to place more water beads in the Container because overfilling can damage the softness and texture of the orbeez. 

Rehydrate the orbeez

Rehydrate the orbeez if needed. When you play for long hours with orbeez, it may shrink. If your orbeez have shrunk and feel more dry, then it is time to rehydrate them. Keep them in a suitable container and add the required amount of water. Soak the orbeez for 4-6 hours to regain their size and softness. 

Drain excess water and seal the Container

After doing the process, remove the excess water and seal the Container properly. The excess of water can make the water beads more fragile. Tight the lid of the Container to provide an airtight environment.

Keep in a cool, dry place

Place the orbeez-filled Container in a cool and dry location, away from direct sunlight and heat source. The cupboard and pantry are recommended spots for keeping the sealed Container. Exposure of water beads to direct sunlight and to high temperatures can cause them to dry out or damage their color and texture.

Inspect the orbeez regularly

Watch the orbeez for mold or any bacterial growth. If any bacteria are indicated, use diluted low-sodium liquid fertilizer to kill and eliminate bacteria. Remove the affected orbeez, change or clean the Container.

Why is proper storage of orbeez important?

Providing a suitable environment for orbeez is very crucial. To keep them in good and sound condition, proper storage is important. Here are some reasons to discuss.

To prevent color fading and be hydrated

The vibrant colors of orbeez make them attractive and appealing; if they are not stored correctly, their color will fade away due to UV light, moisture loss, and air exposure. Orbeez are made from water-absorbent polymer, which is soft and squishy; if they are not kept properly, they will be dehydrated and will become hard.

Longevity and cost-effective

how to store orbeez and enjoy them for a long time, proper storage is essential. Orbeez are very durable, especially when they are protected from developing molding, direct sunlight, and other environmental factors. Keeping water beads in a safe and airtight environment will save you money, and you will be able to reuse them again and again without replacing them with new ones.

Availability and minimize waste

When you store orbeez correctly, they will be ready and available for use and play any time you want. Your time will be saved, and their condition will be safe and sound. Proper storage of orbeez will allow you to reuse and dispose of it correctly. Reusing and re-storing can help you to minimize the waste and environmental impacts.


Orbeez can absorb a significant amount of water. But if you leave them for a long time in water, they may lose their texture, bursting and rupturing may occur. If orbeez are left in water for an extended time, they may cause color fading and molding.

Orbeez can retain their moisture for a long time. In decorative arrangements, crafts projects, and during play, orbeez are kept without water for a long time, and they have the ability to be in safe and sound condition. As long as you are protecting water beads from extreme heat and direct sunlight, they will last for a long time.

Orbeez provides consistent moisture to plants. First, put the orbeez in water and soak for 6-7 hours to expand and become hydrated. Then, make a plant container with proper drainage and place a layer of these hydrated water beads at the bottom. Add the required amount of potting soil and plant your desired plant. Don’t overwater, and inspect the process periodically.

To make orbeez at home, take dry water beads, which are water-absorbent polymers available in craft stores, or buy them online. Put them in water in a container, add one table scope orbeez to one cup of water. Leave them in water for 6-7 hours, allowing them to absorb water and grow in size. Lastly, drain excess water from the orbeez and use them for your intended purpose.

Final words

In conclusion, the best storage methods are to keep water beads clean and rehydrated, drain excess water, use airtight containers, and protect them from direct sunlight. Proper storage of Orbeez is essential to maintain their vibrant colors, soft texture, and longevity.

Whether you choose to store them in bottles, jars, or balloons, the key is to keep them in an airtight environment, protecting them from UV light and moisture loss. Regular inspection and maintenance are vital to prevent mold or bacterial growth. By following these storage guidelines, you can enjoy the versatility of Orbeez for decoration, play, or horticultural purposes while minimizing waste and ensuring they stay fresh and ready for use.

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