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how to make orbeez grow faster?

Use clean, distilled water to help your Orbeez reach its maximum diameter of 14 millimetres (1.4 cm). Using warm water encourages the water beads’ growth more quickly than cold or room-temperature water. Add a little salt to the water to lengthen the lifespan of the Orbeez.

Orbeez are tiny, water-absorbent polymer beads that can swell and grow when submerged in water. In this article, you will learn how to make orbeez grow faster.

Tested Methods How Make Obeez Grow Faster

Generally, orbeez grow in all types of water, but if you want to grow them faster, follow the following methods.

Employ warm water 

Orbeez will absorb water more quickly if the water is warm or room temperature instead of cold. The Orbeez might be damaged by hot water and lose their shape, so avoid using it.

Submerge them for a long time.

Orbeez often grow to their full size over many hours. You can soak them longer if you want them to grow more quickly. Soak them in water for four to six hours or even overnight for optimal expansion.

Agitate or stir them

The water can be distributed more uniformly, and the absorption process is accelerated by gently moving or shaking the Orbeez in the water. Avoid being too harsh, as the Orbeez may become damaged.

Employ distilled water

 The Orbeez’s capacity to absorb water may be hampered by the presence of pollutants or chemicals in some tap water. A more pristine environment for quicker growth can be created by using distilled water.

Keep them in a lidded container.

Orbeez can expand more quickly if placed in a container with a lid, which can create a sealed environment that traps moisture and humidity.

Additional Orbeez 

Adding more Orbeez to the water can make the environment denser, which could hasten the absorption process.

How Do Orbeez Work?

Let’s first examine the overall operation of these intriguing beads before discussing how temperature impacts Orbeez’s growth. The sodium polyacrylate polymer used to make Orbeez is particularly absorbent. They resemble little, hard balls when they are completely dried. However, when they touch the liquid, they swiftly absorb it, develop it, and transform it into supple, gel-like orbs.

Type of water

Depending on the type of water utilized, Orbeez can develop in various ways. According to some sources, tap water or water with fewer minerals, such as distilled water, may encourage orbeez to grow more quickly than clean or filtered water. 

Quantity of water

Orbeez’s growth rate can be influenced by how much water you use to water them. The beads will be in touch with the liquid for a longer period if you use more water, which could hasten the expansion process.

Soaking Time

Orbeez can grow bigger or smaller depending on their time in the water. The beads can reach full size if you give them ample time to absorb all the water. Orbeez typically grows larger the longer they soak.

Quality of Orbeez

The growth rate may differ depending on how effectively the Orbeez beads are created. You must use genuine Orbeez designed to absorb water if you want the best growth. Fake or inferior copies might not develop equally or as well as the original.

What helps Orbeez grow bigger?

The size of the Orbeez will increase with water purity. This is so that the Water’s ionic and mineral composition can affect the size. When growing your Orbeez, make sure to use clean, distilled Water because they can expand to a maximum diameter of 14mm.

Do Orbeez need sunlight?

Orbeez will dry out if left in the sun or in an open container. If left in the sun, Orbeez can dry out in less than a day. Orbeez can endure for weeks or even months when stored in a covered container out of the sunlight. Simply put your Orbeez in a water dish to rehydrate them if they have dried out.

How Big Do Orbeez Grow?

After being submerged in Water, these gel balls can expand up to 100–150 times their original size. Gel balls have a maximum diameter of 14–16 mm if kept in a big container of distilled hot water for an extended period.

However, they will not continue to grow once they have absorbed all of the Water. If left in the Water for too long, the oversaturated gel breaks down and even bursts.

What if Orbeez Soak in Salt or Sugar Solution?

You’ll be amazed to learn that these soft gels hardly expand when placed in salt or sugar water. In contrast, most websites on the internet describe these as a strategy to expand more quickly.

Yes, these balls have very little growth because water molecules travel from locations with low solute concentration (orbeez) to areas with high solute concentration (Water), affecting absorption. Therefore, avoid soaking water beads in Water that contains salt or sugar.

What is the Ratio of Gel balls to Water?

1.5 cups of pure water are needed for one packet of water beads. A general rule of thumb is 3 cups of Water to 1 teaspoon of gel beads for packets with varied proportions. Always maintain the recommended ratio for optimal growth of orbeez.

How long does it take for Orbeez to grow full?

Orbeez often take 4 to 6 hours to reach their full size. However, the size of the Orbeez and the water’s temperature can affect this time frame. It could take up to 24 hours for the biggest Orbeez to develop fully. For the greatest benefits, you should soak them in water for at least one night.


Orbeez are tiny, rigid pellets of a water-absorbent polymer that expand when exposed to water. They are frequently employed in sensory play, home design, and different craft endeavours.

Ordinarily, Orbeez grow to their largest size in 3 to 4 hours. However, this can change based on the water’s temperature and the size of the Orbeez beads.

Yes, using hot or warm water will hasten the procedure. The use of hot water should be avoided because it could harm the Orbeez.

Since distilled water has no pollutants that can interfere with Orbeez absorption, using it can improve the process.

Orbeez that have already completely grown will grow smaller by being given more water. They have a limit on how much water they can absorb.

Final Words

Orbeez are fascinating and entertaining water-absorbing polymer beads that can enlarge in size when placed in water. Orbeez require different amounts of time to expand to their fullest size, but there are ways to speed up the process, like using warm water and gentle shaking. A pinch of salt and distilled water can also help the absorption process. But you must be careful not to over hydrate the Orbeez since they can rupture if they take in too much water. You may let Orbeez dry out and rehydrate them if you want to use them again.

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