How Long Do Orbeez Take to Grow

How Long Do Orbeez Take to Grow?

Orbeez are non-toxic polymer beads. It is used for fun and decorative purposes. In the dry state, they look like small, hard pellets, but they grow significantly in size when soaked in water. They are made of super absorbent material; hence, they grow in size.

You are curious about “How long Do Orbeez Take to Grow”. Usually, they take 5 to 6 hours to grow in size. The amount of time they take to grow depends on the type and temperature of the water. Here is the estimated time in different temperatures and types of water.

Water time Water temperatureGrowth Time(Hours)
Distilled water Room temperature 3-4
Tap water Room temperature4-5
Warm waterSlightly warm4-6
Hot water Hot (not boiling)2-3
Cold watercold6-10
Ice waterVery cold10-12
Salt waterRoom temperature3-4

The growth time of orbeez also depends on orbeez types. Here is the estimated time for different types of orbeez.

Types of orbeez Growth time (in hours)
Standard orbeez 3-4
Magic orbeez 1-2
Giant orbeez6-8

Step- by- Step Guide to Growing Orbeez

Preparing orbeez to grow is a very entertaining and enjoyable activity. The change of small and hard pellets into squishy, soft and colourful beads is very fascinating. Here is a step-by-step description of this process.


Gather all the essential materials; all you need are a water beads packet and a clean container for keeping water to submerge orbeez in. Keep a cup or scoop for measuring water. 

Measure the Orbeez

Always measure the orbeez you want to prepare. Don’t overfill the container; it may cause the improper growth of orbeez because orbeez grow multiple times to their size.

Add Water

By adding water, keep in mind the orbeez to water ratio. Pour room temperature water for constant growth. Use purified or distilled water for better results.

Soaking Time

When you mix the proper amount of water and orbeez, the orbeez will start absorbing water and will grow in size gradually. Allow them for 4-6 hours to grow and expand properly.


After doing the above process, it is good practice to agitate the orbeez beads gently. It will help in enhancing the process, maintaining the quality and preventing clumping of orbeez.

Drain Excess Water

After 4-6 hours, you will find your orbeez grown and expanded. Now, you can drain the excess water from the container. Your orbeez are prepared, and now you can use and play with them.

Factors Affecting Orbeez Growth

Several factors affect the growth of orbeez directly and indirectly.

Water Quality

The quality of water in which the orbeez are soaked affects the growth of orbeez. Purified and distilled water helps the orbeez to grow constantly and cleanly. Use pure water for orbeez because impurities and minerals interfere in absorption and may slow down the beads growth process.

Water Temperature

Soaking orbeez in hot water results in fast water absorption and quick expansion. This is because the movement of molecules present in polymers is increased and absorbs water rapidly. Conversely, keeping orbeez in cold water may take longer hours to expand properly. 

How Long Do Orbeez Take to Grow

Orbeez Size and Type

Smaller orbeez grow and expand more quickly than larger ones. If you want quick and fast growth of orbeez, then small ones are a better choice. The type and quality of orbeez also affect their growth. Magic orbeez grow faster than standard and giant orbeez.

Soaking Time

The amount of time that you allow orbeez to absorb water affects their expansion. Keeping the orbeez in water for a shorter time will not make them more squishy and soft as fully expanded ones. If you soak them for more time, they will lose their shape and become fragile. So always follow manufacturer instructions for soaking orbeez.

Environmental Factors

Some environmental factors have a significant impact on orbeez growth. These factors include Humidity, Temperature, light exposure ., external pressure and air circulation. All these factors affect the orbeez expansion indirectly.

Water to Orbeez Ratio

Always keep a suitable water-to-orbeez ratio for the effective growth of orbeez. Using too much water can lead to excessive expansion, while soaking orbeez in little water results in underdeveloped orbeez. Usually, 1.5 cups of water is good to use for 1 packet of water beads.

Age and Condition

Age and condition are two crucial factors that affect water bead growth. Older orbeez are unable to absorb more water and expand properly as compared to new and fresh orbeez. Also, damaged orbeez absorb small amounts of water and don’t grow faster than new orbeez.

Handling and Storage

Always keep the orbeez in a clean environment. Protect them from dust, debris and other external substances that can be settled on them. Suitable temperature is crucial for the constant growth of orbeez; very hot or very cold temperature can affect their expansion. Room temperature is recommended for clean and constant growth

How To Make Orbeez Grow faster?

If you want to grow your orbeez speedily, here are some pro tips that will get you out of waiting for beads to expand.

Use Low PH Water

PH water refers to acidic water; it means it has hydrogen ions (H+), so it creates a more conducive environment to help in the expansion of orbeez. The PH of the water is linked to the osmotic pressure and movement of water molecules into the orbeez. By adding baking soda, vinegar and lemon, you can lower the PH of water.

Use Warm Water

Warmer water has more kinetic energy. The movement of molecules in warm water is faster and penetrates rapidly into orbeez beads, making them grow faster. The absorbing process of water in orbeez is called osmosis; in warm, the osmosis is faster, and beads expand quickly.

Use Pure Water

Pure or distilled water is free from impurities and other materials that cause the reduction of osmosis. Purified water is absorbed easily and makes the growth of water beads faster. It helps in smooth growth and gives a more appealing texture.

Place in a Large Container

If you follow the above methods but don’t you didn’t keep the orbeez in a large container, they will not grow bigger. Keeping orbeez in a large container is very crucial. Using a large container helps the orbeez to expand more, which You can use for larger displays and sensory experiences.

No, the salt can not speed up the orbeez growth. Adding salt to water increases the salinity of water; it does not make it acidic. Sometimes, it slows down the growth due to a higher concentration of dissolved solutes in saline water.

Keeping orbeez in sunlight in an open container, the orbeez will dry out within a day or less time. When orbeez are dry out, keep them in water, and they will grow again.

Yes, orbeez grows quickly in hot water. Because hot water molecules have more kinetic energy, and they penetrate fast in orbeez beads and make them expand faster.

If you keep orbeez in cool, dry and out of sunlight, they can last for three years. Exposure to direct sunlight and heat makes the orbeez degrade faster.

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