Do Orbeez Guns Hurt

Do Orbeez Guns Hurt? Knowing The Facts

Orbeez guns are very famous and fascinating toys among children and adults. They fired Orbeez, which are made of water-absorbent material called polymers. The orbeez are soft water beads that burst when they come in contact with human skin.

Generally, Orbeez Guns are considered safe and recreational toys. They are designed for fun and entertainment. But parents are always concerned about their kids’ safety and health. This raises the question, “Do orbeez guns hurt?” The answer is NO if they are used responsibly.

What are the potential Injuries and Hazards Associated with Orbeez Guns?

Typically, orbeez guns are not intended to hurt someone; rather, they are made for their fun and enjoyment. However, using any toy or tool incorrectly causes risk and injuries; same in the case of gel blasters; using them irresponsibly will potentially injure your kids’ health. 

Face and Eye Injuries

To prevent injuries and play safe with Orbeez guns, don’t aim them at someone’s face. Aiming Gel Blasters on sensitive parts of the body, like the face, especially on the eye, causes injuries and irritation. It is important to use goggles and wear a face mask for protection.

Skin Irritation

Shooting with an Orbeez gun from a close distance or aiming at the same body part for more time can cause skin irritation and discomfort. It is always important to keep a safe distance and avoid firing on the same body parts as other players to minimize the risk of getting hurt.

Choking Hazards

Orbeez are water-absorbent polymers that swell up, and their size increases by absorbing water. It may cause choking hazards when ingested by children. So please keep it away from very young children to avoid any potential hazards.

Allergy Problem

Orbeez beads are non-toxic material and pose no risk to individuals. Some people may have allergies, and they are sensitive to specific materials. When they use or come with direct contact with Orbeez, they feel discomfort and skin irritation and face allergic reactions.

Indoor and Environmental Hazards

Orbeez guns involve water, so playing in indoor moisture can damage electronic devices, furniture, and other moisture-sensitive objects. Obeez are non-biodegradable and can cause environmental pollution.

Factors that affect the potential of Orbeez Guns Injuries.

Although Orbeez guns fire soft water pellets that offer entertainment and sensory enjoyment, but still parents ask ” Do Orbeez Guns Hurt” Becuase taking care of your and your children’s health is paramount. Using it improperly can cause injuries like bruising, cuts, and scrapes. Rarely, some severe eye injuries can occur.

Type of orbeez gun

The topmost factor is the type of orbeez gun you are using. There are two main types of orbeez guns: manual and automatic. The manual guns use compressed air mechanisms, and automatic guns are electric-operated ( powered by battery). The gun powered by compressed air is more powerful than an electric-operated Gel blaster.

FPS(Feet Per Second)

FPS stands for Feet Per Second, which is defined as the velocity with which orbeez pellets travel when fired with an orbeez gun. Guns with high FPS ( feet per second) hit the target with more power. The average FPS of orbeez guns we play in our backyard ranges from 100- 150 fps, which is normal and causes no harm if fired from a safe distance.

Shooting distance

Always keep a safe distance while playing with orbeez guns. When you are playing without keeping a safe distance, the orbeez pellets will hit you with more velocity and hurt hard. The Gel Blasters shouldn’t be fired from close range to prevent painful impact and injuries.

Your wearing

Your dress is one of the most important factors; if you wear full sleeve shirts and pants instead of shorts, you will be safe from bruises and small cuts in accidental firing from a closer distance. Wearing a face mask and protective goggles will minimize the chance of eye injuries.

do orbeez guns hurt

Types of Gel pallets or Orbeez

Orbeez guns fire soft and squishy orbeez, which are prepared by soaking them in water for 4- 5 hours to expand and become fully hydrated. However, if dehydrated or hard orbeez are used instead of soft ones, these impact hard and cause injuries to sensitive body parts. 

Typical ways for Treating Injuries Caused by Orbeez Guns

The orbeez guns are designed to have fun and to be used properly. However, accidents can still happen and cause severe and minor injuries. Different methods are used for the treatment of injuries depending upon the severity and nature of the injury.

Minor Injuries

Serious injuries are very rare in the case of using orbeez guns. In case of any injuries, either with an orbeez gun or other tools, consultation with a doctor is the best and most prioritized treatment. To treat minor injuries, including cuts, bruises, and scrapes, you can use home remedies that apply cold- compress and ice packs to reduce swelling and ease pain. Never apply ice directly to the skin to avoid frostbite.

Serious Injuries

The serious injuries are eye injuries related to misuse of orbeez guns. The Most common eye injury is scratches on the eye’s surface called corneal abrasion, which is not more dangerous. The most serious is when orbeez beads hit directly into the eye from a short distance. Shooting from close range can cause permanent vision loss. In such cases, immediately see a  doctor and take proper medication.

Safety Tips and Precaution Using Orbeez Guns

Commonly asked question: Do Orbeez guns hurt? What are the safety tips? Orbeez guns pose no risk to health when used responsibly. Here are some safety tips that help you to prevent accidental injuries.

  • The eye is a more sensitive part of the human body and gets hurt easily. Hence, always wear protective goggles to protect your eyes from injuries.
  • Orbeez guns are designed for different age and maturity levels. So, never provide a more powerful Gel Blaster to your kids.
  • Keep a safe distance while playing with orbeez guns. Some types of orbeez guns have high FPS ( Feet Per Second) and hurt more when hit the body.
  • Supervise your kids while using Gel Blasters to ensure a safe environment and protect them from getting serious injuries.
  • Always use orbeez guns in open areas. Do not aim at people and animals. Shooting at the face and other sensitive body parts can lead to injury.
  • Always use proper hydrated orbeez or water beads. Avoid hard or frozen Gel balls that can pose a risk to players.


Orbeez guns, also called water bead Guns, are generally safe for kids and pose no potential injury for kids if used properly. Always supervise and guide your kids while playing with orbeez guns.

Orbeez or Gel balls are made of non-toxic material called polymers. It is very water-absorbent, which makes it soft and squishy. The polymers contain sodium polyacrylate.

You can shoot people with orbeez guns, but keep a safe distance and do not aim at sensitive body parts. It is better not to shoot people without their consent. Shooting people and animals in public places is not allowed in some countries.

No, the orbeez guns shoot small, soft, squishy and water-absorbent beads called orbeez, and they burst on impact, causing no injury. On the other hand, paintball guns shoot small, hard paintballs with a high velocity that cause bruises, welts and more pain.


The final words of the discussion “Do Orbeez Guns Hurt?” are that orbeez guns do not hurt if you use them properly and responsibly. But remember that using it improperly can cause injury, especially in children who are not supervised. The injuries related to orbeez guns are not more serious and dangerous. Concluding all the discussion, the orbeez gun is a safe and eco-friendly toy if it is not misused.

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